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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the concept of inquiry and its implication on practice with regards to lesson design, types of learning activities, teacher's role, and students' roles
  • Understand the importance of wider school community

Content (Videos, readings, ppts, handouts)


TitlescriptSlides Done?Script Done?Date of video recordingFully Recorded?Video Link
Jimwelcome to week 1 scriptN/ANlater - maybe in May?N 

video 1 script - week 1

[portuguese translation]

SlidesYApril 23 2015YVideo
Rosemaryvideo 2 script - week 1N/AYApril 23 2015YVideo
JennyWISE/Thermodynamics WISE technology for InquirySlidesYApril 10 (last part)YVideo

Supplementary Material


Activities (should be updated based on Script Matrix)

Tentative list. we will complete this step after videos are done


Foundations strand

  • Reflection: In your own teaching what is one area that this theme might be a useful theme?
  • Reflection: Describe one experience that you had where this theme went well or did not go well or contributed to students learning)
  • Reflection:  most memorable school experience (characterizing it)  maybe:  then by the end of the week we can visualize it.
    • involved hands on activity
    • was called a project
    • role of the learner
  • WISE activity (To compile a resource page throughout the course that they can use later on)
    • Teachers will go to the WISE site, and review existing WISE projects
    • Include links to WISE projects that you found interesting or suitable to your teaching to your resource page 
    • Read some of the other contributions (from peers) in your cohort, and add your "like" votes, and comments
  • Contribution: one inquiry technology, Web site, etc...
    • why is this good?
    • how is it student-centred?
    • Focus group activity: collect resources and reflect on what has worked

Design Strand

  • Inquiry lesson design: Step 1 (a persistent personal page that they can build throughout the MOOC)

Suggested Resources

Further reading/watching

Technology tools/learning environments

  • WISE
  • ENO

Practitioners Tools

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  1. Supplementary material should be visualized, I suggest. It is text-heavy now.

    Activities section is a draft and will be revised based on videos