• Knowledge Building Evolution (Preliminary discussions with Knowledge Forum and IKIT)
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  • Knowledge building is something that communities do, online, offline, etc.
  • IKIT is more about the processes of knowledge building than any software
  • Rapid explosion of software for various dynamics of knowledge building in past 5 years
  • Want to discuss ideas without any binding on specific technologies

WRT KF, several of us have generally felt the need for greater depth

  • of immersivity of experience
  • of human/social connectivity
  • of semantic connectivity/aggregation
  • of rich media experience

A knowledge building medium should enable:

  • new forms of collaboration
  • New kinds of user experience.
  • generative formats (ones we cannot predict)
  • flexible, adaptive use

Powerful ideas that appeal to us, from this domain:

  • Social networks
  • Semantically indexed/layered information (Google Earth, Second Life)
  • Emergent networks and folksonomies
  • collaborative structures/refactorings

Interesting research questions

  • levels of identity and social networking
  • User interfaces
  • Immersive experiences, rich media
  • aesthetic, identity - whole person

Agenda: June 26th, 2007

1:30 - 1:45 Jim Intro
1:45 - 2:30 Mike, Cheryl, Vanessa, Jim Demos
2:30 - 3:00 Discussion
3:00 - 3:30 Next steps

Captivating Publications and Web Pages

Social Networking Situations

  • Why do people need a social network?
    • social construction of knowledge; provides support and forum for discourse
    • social networking tool must be explicit (i.e., easy to use, part of the social system)
    • Social networking lets users create connections between disparate individuals
    • Social networking allows for better co-ordination and resource allocation
    • The inclusion of successful social networks tends to keep members active and involved longer
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks?
    • social networks depend on situation (i.e., location (distributed community);
    • ability for the network to have continuous access and evolve (not static)
    • Reducing the need for face-to-face interaction may also reduce the desire to do so (??)

Knowledge Media for Knowledge Communities

The above page points to our KMDI 2003 course wiki

Ideas for Collaboration:

  • write collaborative grants
  • get KF hypertexted, and richly tagged, with metadata that allow for emergent views
  • embed rich media
  • go open source
  • Maybe make KF a portal, with portlets for a wiki, notes, media pages, social connections.
    • the portal page would represent a "social collection"
  • Extension of SAIL into Knowledge Forum
  • Extension of KF into SAIL smart space

Some Ideas from Current Knowledge Media:

  • Metatags* are available for different scaffolding purposes (these are editable) - preset vocabulary
  • open tagging systems; important in following ideas and knowledge
  • Interface must be user friendly - KF limited interface (perhaps awkward or not intuitive)... very busy, too many windows (pop up)
  • Collaboration has to be explicit (i.e., software that supports all participants to "want to" read everyone's postings. Not really sharing with everyone or divergent group of people but separate entity postings (versus opening home page of facebook).
  • Organizing tags into an emergent set of dynamic ideas - themes could be developed
  • Can be organized by # of submissions, times read, number of 'branches', allowing users to track and follow ideas generated by thematic relevance.
  • Creating tags will allow a greater sense of relationship/linking

Usability of knowledge media

  • social networks depend on situation (i.e., location (distributed community);
  • ability for the network to have continuous access and evolve (not static)
    • the ease and flexibility of the media tool will support the use and longevity of the tool
  • if the media is part of the system already increased chances the appeal and use of the system
  • media (knowledge media for educational purpose must mimic systems that society is using already)
  • discussion more than just wiki systems will be examined

Social Networking Media In Use Now:

  • What is this Social Networking Media used for?
  • What are the networks or social groups/communities that participate in this Media tool?
    Social Networks for Knowledge Building
  • What are the specific requirements for knowledge building within a social network?
    i.e., social construction of knowledge (bouncing ideas off of distributed community)

Further Discussion

  • knowledge building environments

e.g., FLE

  • Knowledge building environment vs. Knowledge community
  • Defining Features -
  • Knowledge powerful - interconnection between pieces
  • KF missing out social networking?
  • Encore a presentation medium (knowledge building...layer?)
  • What are the criteria social networking?
  • What is knowledge built and how many people in the task?
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