research questions:

1. can we enable new forms of science learning through peer collaborations that make connections to geographical differences?

2. How can we build connections between the broader classroom curriculum (inquiry activities, etc) and the online peer exchanges?

research strategies

pedagogical strategies

1. explicit pairing of kids from different countries
2. specific scaffolds that students need to complete, i.e., student reflection about what their take-home message, issues, questions, etc were from the exchange?
3. structured design of issues, building connection to categories of relevant science.
– invasive species
– habitat desctruction
– weather patterns
– greenhouse gas production

4. split an inquiry project into tasks


technology and materials design

1. school home page
2. Mymaps
3. Drupal discussions (could be on the school home pages - or some other drupal pages?

Questions for drupal
Can we have a well structured set of "pages" that students can add and edit. Can there be a template for those pages?