The widget will fundamentally allow a "student" using a handheld device to fill out a set form, which will then get uploaded to a database.


Possible pre-built services that can do some of what we're looking for:
Enlace Cards: is a software tool for authoring models of forms and creating instances of them, such as observations, description cards or questionnaires. It also provides operations for the user to fill these models of forms interactively. it might be a good starting point as it has a lot of the functionality (at least to begin with)... I think we'll have to tweak it though

Other Functionality (non-data)


Nameo A business card transferring system - might be useful as an idea for swaping/sharing info (I thought it had shake - as in motion - functionality but I'm not as sure now)

Collage A photo collage/sharing program - again haven't had a chance to try it yet but thought the photo mash-up might be useful
Panoramio A google maps and photo sharing with tagging mashup http://www.panoramio.com/

Wikitude - A GPS + GoogleEarth + social tagging software that brings information based augmented reality on your mobile device... pretty cool http://www.wikitude.org/